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look! a penguin!..i hope there's a penguin

hello again. today was the first day of nda swim practice! yeaaah! i'm the captain this year! yeaaaah! thats right i'm the captain and the team is totally gunna kick ass this year, cuz i am the captain. lol. anyway, besides swim and me failing my pre-cal test, today was a decent day. oh except for fran drove me home today..omg, never doing that again! the girl almost hit a school bus! that was really and kristen were sitting in the back panicing..haha oh well. im done..bye now
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bro fran can`t drive.

but you`ll be driving soon so its all gravy ;]
stacy's mom has got it goin on
omg i don't believe you let her drive you home
but hey at least your not dead!
haha yeah, i didnt feel like taking public transportation home..but yeah in like 21 days i can drive myself home! woooop!